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Da "Stefano il marchigiano" & C.  •  Via Arimondi 1, 20155 Milano  •  telefono: 02 33001863  •  email:

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In 1979 the chef Stefano...

coming from the Marche Region in the middle of Italy, opened a restaurant just outside of the center of Milan, he wanted to share his passion for the cuisine with the clients. Thanks to his expertise and skills he found collaborators able to continue the tradition.


In the last 10 years the restaurant is managed by Celestino Zedda and the chef Luigi Magni, grown in the kitchen with Stefano that thought him every trick and secret.

Stefano il Marchigiano presents a menu based on Italian traditional dishes. The restaurant strong points are the freshness and the high quality of the ingredients. In the menu there are first courses of homemade fresh pasta, second courses of very fresh fish and meat, accompanied by seasonal side dishes and Italian wines.

We will be happy to receive you in a familiar atmosphere and show you our skills and passion for good food and wines.

Stefano il Marchigiano Restaurant

Mixed Boiled Meats

In collaboration with:

For the success of this recipe, it’s very important to boil the different pieces of meat in different pots. Boil the pieces of meat in a pot with much salty water and add also celery, carrot and onion (keep one onion aside for the sauce), a pinch of coarse salt and 3 dippers of tomato sauce.